Why We Love Sports (reasons 1-6)

Posted by rich on January 6th, 2008

Saturday night was a great reminder of the reasons that we love to watch sports. In honor of that, and I do credit our hero Bill Simmons here, I have decided that when it is appropriate, we shall add to the reasons we love sports, starting a new list. If you have any additions, let me know and I will certainly throw it in, but starting today, this organic thing will grow. These are in no particular order.

1. See score, change channel: Twice tonight I happened to be cruising the net and saw scores that made me run to the TV. I got home late from the hockey game and forgot that the Celtics were having a showdown with the Pistons. I saw on ESPN.com that it was a four-point game with four minutes to go, and ran upstairs to watch the climactic end (take that Mr. Bosma).

Later on in the night I was back on ESPN.com and noticed that somehow the Steelers had come back on the Jags. I switched away from the game earlier because it was a blowout, but saw the last few minutes of another big finish.

2. Clutch runs:
Somehow I know that plays like this will make an appearance quite a bit in this running feature. Fourth-and-two from just across midfield, season on the line, and David Garrard tucks it and uses a nice block by his left tackle. He puts on a nice shimmy move at the second level and busts it for 32, down to around the Steelers’ 10. That basically sewed it up for Jacksonville.

3. Uprights split: Admit it, you like me like it more — when our own team isn’t involved — when the kicker misses the big kick. There’s so much pressure, and a lot of these field goals should be easy, but they never are. You have to have a lot of respect for somebody like Josh Scobee, who sees only a few minutes of playing time per game, walk into the game, all 175-pounds of him, and decide the fate of all of his bohemoth teammates. That’s pressure, and his kick was right down the middle.

4. Our friends: Hey, I didn’t really care who won that Steelers-Jags game all that much, but several of my friends did. I have family in the Pittsburgh area, who I can’t wait to tease, and my college roommate is a HUGE Jags fan. If the Pats face Jacksonville next weekend there is a 45-percent chance that he flies up here to watch the game with me. He did the last time the teams met in the playoffs, two or three years ago. We had the time of our lives. I’m hoping he comes back.

5. Clutch rookies:
Gotta love what Big Baby Glen Davis did for the Celtics tonight. He came up with 20 huge points against the next best team in the NBA and helped the C’s win back-to-back games, without Ray Allen. The Celtics needed someone to step up, and Davis did the job. He’s may new favorite Celtic.

6. Gambling: Okay, I really don’t wager on sports. But, my best friend — Eagle One — is in Vegas right now and I’ve been talking him through his various wagers all weekend long. As a matter of fact, I need to call him soon to make sure he stuck by his Jacksonville bet. He and I were both leaning towards Pittsburgh at the last minute, and I’m not sure which way he went, but he had gone out there in love with the Jags. Hope he stuck to his guns. You know that game tonight had gamblers all over the country on the edge of their seats, throwing up in their mouthes.

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