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Annual Military All-Star - CCBL games slated for June 9 & 10
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For the third straight year, the U.S. Military All-Stars will invade Cape Cod as part of their 2007 Red, White and Blue Tour of America.
The Combined Armed Forces squad will play two games against a select team of Cape Cod Baseball League players, comprised of players from each of the 10 CCBL franchises.
The teams will face off in two exhibition games: Their first meeting will take place on Saturday, June 9 at Veterans Field in Chatham, beginning at 7 PM, and again on Sunday, June 10, at Eldredge Park in Orleans, also beginning at 7.
The U.S. Military All-Stars will visit 23 states during their 18th Annual Red, White and Blue Tour of America this summer. This years schedule of 350 appearances is much more difficult with less time to practice and a roster of 100 different players constantly changing due to their calls to duty.
The U.S. Military All-Stars participate during off-duty time while on leave; cover their own expenses and decline government funding to ensure all available resources support our brave men and women overseas. Over
95 percent of the players selected each year have been deployed in direct support of the Global War on Terrorism. They represent some of the most talented athletes in the armed forces selected from thousands of personnel worldwide.
The CCBL team that will compete in the games with the Military All-Stars will be led in the first game by Chatham As field manager, John Schiffner on Saturday at Veterans Field.
Kelly Nicholson, field manager of the Orleans Cardinals, will take over the reins for the game held Sunday evening at Eldredge Park.
Summer Stars enters sophomore season

After an exciting first season publishing Summer Stars, the Enterprise is back for a second swing. Editor Dan Crowley will lead the charge this summer, bringing the Cape Cod Baseball League to life on the pages of Summer Stars. In addition, Summer Stars will be available for home delivery as well as being distributed at ballparks and newsstands throughout the Cape. Remember to look for us each week during the Cape Cod Baseball League season, and check back here often for news, features updates and information about Cape Cod's summer passion.