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Posted by rich on May 8th, 2007

I had a little time to kill this afternoon, so I figured I’d jump in and throw out a few interesting links.

First, I’ve never seen Robot Chicken before, but this looks hysterical to me. I’m a huge Star Wars fan (the old trilogy is better), and I know way too much about every movie. Anyways, this looks hysterical.

Another one for you. Apparently Big Papi doesn’t think that Barry Bonds was aided by The Juice. I love David Ortiz, he’s without question one of the best Red Sox players of my life and a joy to watch play. Still, come on David, you really expect us to buy what you’re selling here?

My argument is this. Even if steroids don’t necessarily help him hit the ball, they definitely help him with his strength, which makes the ball go further, and also helps with recovery time from working out, which allows him to work out more, and makes him stronger. A girl may not decide to go out with a guy just because he drives a beautiful Corvette, but the Vette certainly helps his chances, doesn’t it?

That’s all for today. I’ve got to get out to cover some games. Be back tomorrow. Don’t forget Beckett goes for 7-0 tonight.

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