Why We Love Sports (Reasons 7-12)

Posted by rich on January 14th, 2008

I am still basking in the glow of another great Patriots victory, number 17 in a row. It was a fun weekend, and I figured it was a good time to add to our list of reasons that we love sports, because there were so many good things this weekend that happened during the NFL playoffs.

7. Tom Brady Is Tom Brady: Well it’s pretty self-explanatory, but Tom Brady just gets the job done. No quarterback has ever been more efficient in a playoff game than No. 12 was this weekend. I remember when Phil Simms hit 22-of-25 in the Super Bowl for the Giants and never thought I’d see a QB be more on target. Then we saw Tommy Boy this weekend, who completed 26-of-28. The funny thing is, he could have been 28-of-28. Both Ben Watson and Wes Welker could have made catches on the ones that got away.

8. Trick Plays: When Brady ran that fake I thought we were seeing the direct snap to the running back and that Kevin Faulk — who has been outstanding all year, very quietly — was going to run a sweep to the left. But, Tommy held on to the ball and then found a wide-open Welker over the middle for a big touchdown. A couple of weeks ago, against Pittsburgh, the Pats ran a great double lateral pass for a TD. Not only are the Pats great, but they also are fun to watch.

9. The Frozen Tundra: Unfortunately the one game I didn’t really get to see this weekend was Green Bay beating up on Seattle. But watching the highlights put a huge smile on my face. Is there a better sight than football being played in the snow, at Lambeau Field? If there is, I don’t know what it is. I love watching the Pats do the same at Gillette, but there’s something special about Lambeau and the Frozen Tundra. It just seems right.

10. Answering the Bell: Billy Volek might have taken 5-to-10 percent of the snaps during practice this week for the SD Chargers. He didn’t think he’d get into the game, we know that. But, when Phil Rivers got hurt, Volek went in and came through, leading his team to the AFC Championship game. Volek put together one big drive, scoring his only touchdown of the year on a dive up the middle to beat the Colts.

11. Rooting Against Teams: It’s not that I’m a big Chargers fan. Sure, I own a Phil Rivers jersey, but I bought that for my fantasy football team this year (one of my bigger mistakes of the last year), but I was rooting for them like I grew up in the 619 area code. The reason I was such a Chargers fan on Sunday afternoon is that I despise the Colts. They’re like the football version of the Yankees to me, which seems appropriate right now because the Red Sox got into the ALCS but the Yankees weren’t able to. The Pats held up their end of the bargain, beating the Jags, but the Colts let a beat up, inferior club come into their home and walk away with a win in the playoffs.

12. Dallas Cowboys’ Cheerleaders: Do I need to explain this one? They’re as big an American icon as Apple Pie. If you’re a red-blooded American boy, you love them, and don’t have to apologize for it.

13. Overtime: On Friday night I got to see an amazing basketball game between Falmouth and Plymouth North High Schools. The game was as good a game that I’ve attended in a long time, with FHS sending it into OT with a three with 13 ticks left before losing in a tight OT session. I said to a scout from U Mass Dartmouth during the final seconds that the game deserved OT, because it was so good. He turned to me and said, “no, they need to have two or three.” We only got one, but what a game.

14. Coors Light Commercials: Usually I hate commercials, which is a reason that I like to TiVo the games, start them late, and then catch up to the live action in the second half, that way I can fast forward past all the drivel between plays. But, I always watch the Coors Light commercials with old coach interview footage and those corny dudes asking them questions about beer and life. The new one with Jimmy Johnson this weekend, and all of the guys sporting his horrible hairstyle cracked me up. I also love the Denny Green “they are who we thought they were” one and any one that features Bill Parcells. Those commercials crack me up.

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