Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday our newest employee, James, brings his absolutely, delightful daughter to work. She’s just here in the mornings but this five year old little girl has all wrapped around her finger. Nana Pam brought her a barbie doll, we all have pictures up in our cubicles that she’s drawn us. We even let her fold bills the other day. Nana Pam showed her to do it, and Isa said “oh yeah..I can do that”.

***side note/ plug*** Jame is the creator of C.O.D., Cape Cod’s FIRST entertainment magazine. Check it out…set to hit the stands on June 2nd, CAPE WIDE…even some joints on the South Coast….it’s going to be fabulous.

This is the conversation that took place today at work between Isa and I:

Isa: Have you ever seen the movie “Willow”

Me: Yes, i remember when it came out….I was a little girl.

Isa: Wow…so it’s really old then.

Then I asked Isa what she wanted to be when she grew up.  At first she responded “a newspaper worker”. But then upon a 10 sec reflection she said “no…I wanna be a scientist”.

Sigh…if only it was that easy….

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My mother is the most incredible woman that I have ever met. She runs a non-profit organization that targets individuals with developmental disabilities particularly those who are unserved because of their environment or the severity of their disability. (i got that line from their website…www.focusinconline.org) In addition to running such a selfless organization […]

For the last two days I’ve recieved emails that read “RE: my skin is back”. I’m very worried about this poor person who has lost her skin. Even more worried that she is emailing the general public about it.
This is not as bad as the one I received the other day inviting me […]

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Everyday when I leave work I say “bye family”. I am afforded this luxury because I work for a family-owned community newspaper that thrives on the family atmosphere. Seriously…i’m with these people more than I am with my own family. I feel like when I come to work everyday I am stepping back in a […]

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For the last two days, as I drive home from work, there is a Goose sitting directly in the middle of the Buzzards Bay Rotary. He sits there, right in the center of the green, his legs tucked underneath, raised neck, alert face, watching all the cars rush past him…perfectly at ease. It doesn’t […]

When I first moved to Cape Cod living near the ocean was all I thought about. I noticed constantly how the salt air smelled differently. The gardens seemed different here, filled with flowers and veggies that we couldn’t grow down south. The temperature was much more pleasant, and there were no chiggers anywhere! Heck, even […]

11.04.08 | What’s in a name?

Esta is not my real name. My given name is Esther…emphasis on the “er”. I was given a this new name when I made the move from Arkansas to Cape Cod. While I was expecting to encounter many new experiences making such a move, a new name was not one of them. A new lease […]

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