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The Chatterbox

Posted in: The Chatterbox
Dec 19, 2008 - 12:00:00 PM

The old saying: with age the years go faster and faster can be affirmed by most all of us in that category. Now, this is the last column for 2008, and once again the question persists—Where did it go? Even though the last quarter of my year was spent in an “out-of-commission” state, the time whizzed past me. With the advent of 2009, I would like to extend a few wishes.
To Steve Clark—just stay as nice as you are, no matter what.
To the Falmouth Military Support Group, continued dedication for a worthy cause.
To Eric Turkington—our heartfelt thanks for all you have done and hope you find a niche to continue to do so.
To the Falmouth Service Center, gratitude for all you do and a special thanks to Brenda Swain, in particular, and to Mike Ward.
To Lisa McCormack—don’t let anyone or anything take the smallest chip from that warm and generous heart.
To Laura Crocco, who spends her spare time helping others endlessly.
To Kathleen Koch, who takes her lumps with grace and never forgets the glamour.
To Janet Munro who heads the PAL of Cape Cod programs with such skill and caring. Keep up the good work and onward with the volunteers and supporters.
To Maggie Cassidy, who brings her smile and cheer to so many shut-ins and never watches the clock.
Wishing a seasonal Happy Birthday to one of the good women in our midst, Pi Smith ...the gentle-hearted Dick MacKenzie ...the man with the distinctive moniker, Harry Clifton Northern ...believe Dick Eisenman is now in the real estate world ...among Ronnie Braga’s talents is that of a highly rated chef in his upper 20s, Timothy Duffany ...a fellow to admire, Ted Studley ...those smiling twinkling eyes, Krista Hennessy ...soon to be busy time for Ed Heylin ...a well-liked young woman with organizational skills, Marin Hickey, is he impressive in his career, Craig Risor ...more than just my caring podiatrist, Sandy Baylor ...head of a nice family, Carol Solimine ...Mullen-Hall School secretary through the years, Mary Cavanaugh ...hear tell she is doing well, Doris Perkins ...and watch those dancing feet, Irene Handy.
Also Army officer, Aaron Swain ...and a gal who has found happiness and I am cheering, Debbie Gentile ...Allison Ross has the biggest crowd rooting for her than any Super Bowl throng ...Seafood Sam’s Mike Lewis has found his niche in the do-good scene ...Carol Roberts with her delightful super wit ...a physical therapist, Regina O’Brien ...have known Sally Williams Cronin since she was a wee lass ...never misses a chance to be pleasant, Judy Battles ...Saw Betsy McCusker last summer, just as pretty as ever ...a Mashpee woman so full of life, Terry Hyde ...a person of intelligence and depth, Margaret Murphy ...Peg Ledig, bright and interesting ...out in the real world now, John Furfey with heart, Mary Kirwin ...and LaVada Studley brings music to life for all ages.
Also ...he had an impish way about him, Tom Stackhouse attractive, Sally Bagg ...Barbara Woll Jones has an air about her ...a man I met not long ago, Jim Vieira ...beautiful without a trace of conceit, Ruth Sacco ...Christmas Day birthdays are shared by Kristen Lopes, tender caregiver ...John Aziz, met him recently ...I am so excited with the news that Kris Shearer is going to have her first baby. What a mom she will make of our returning troops we take such pride in, Megan Kennedy, and another wish for her brother, Ryan Kennedy.
To a Yankee couple who have been together for 56 years. Happy anniversary to Martha and Caleb Fraser.
Bits and pieces ...our Channel 13 came through—I saw the parade and though the cherubic faces of the youngsters shine every time, there were some outstanding floats. The first place overall winner, Falmouth Dance Academy, was a show stopper. Jack Conway’s was very impressive and Marine Lodge’s replica of a segment of our Main Street was so exceptional ...just as I leave JML, a woman I like came to stay for a short term. Betty Martell, you’re such a soldier ...former patient Anne Deveau and Ruben send their best to their Falmouth friends of our brightest stars, Joyce Hassinger is finally back at her post and we are glad ...and good news that Stanley Santos is on the mend ...recognized EMT Steve Bush aboard the ladder truck in the passing parade.
A few more special recognitions:
To Patti Barrett, smooth sailing ahead on the good ship St. Barnabas.
To Kate Stebinger, you have such spirituality which you are so able to impart.
To Carolyn Woods, nothing ever seems too much for you to do to lend a hand when needed.
To the women of Christ the King and St. Anthony’s—the prayer shawls from each of your groups are so welcome and comforting. Many thanks.
By the way, if you have any names to add to this, send them to me at the Enterprise, 50 Depot Avenue; or to 110 Dillingham Avenue #308, Falmouth MA 02540; or call at 508-548-0100.