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The Chatterbox

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Mildred Allen has turned 100 years of age. She had been anticipating a celebration for months with all of her usual optimism and enthusiasm. I believe I have known her for most of her many years here. She shared some of her memorabilia from the days she spent at theaters and in the world of sophisticates. She truly is a legend in her own time—taking to Falmouth and its heritage like she was born on our shores. The luncheon on Saturday in the Cahoon Room at the Coonamessett was a golden gala. Gold place cards made by her daughter, Melene Donovan, who choreographed the event, cast a glow throughout the room. The Reverend Monsignor John Perry offered the blessing. Other honored guests were the Reverend Monsignor John Reagan, the Reverend Francis Wallace, and the Reverend James Doherty. Susan Pennington (to whom I owe a huge hug to for giving me the news) read a proclamation from the selectmen declaring December 6 as Mildred Allen Day, in recognition of all her contributions to Falmouth.
Mildred’s son, Robert Allen, read a poem “Ode To Mildred,” written by Mavis Crocker. Guests came from near and far for this great occasion. I have been enjoying Mildred’s original poems for years and am one of her appreciative fans. She belies her years in an amazing fashion and her gold and black pantsuit, gold bows in her hair and shoes showed it all to perfection. I had been planning heartily to be at this one and share in all the golden wishes for this special lady. My regrets.
I was so excited when I got the call to do my column for the Enterprise. When I was a teenager, Clara Sharpe Hough talked to me about working here. I was set on loftier goals. But I am thrilled to be where I am—except that my big rut in the road to good health has thrown me a curve, seemingly insurmountable at times. This had to be a trial for the newspaper. Will she? Will there be one this week? Planning often at the last minute. To Laura Higgins, deep-seated thanks for your patience, kindness, graciousness, and understanding and to her employer, gratitude galore.
Anita Young, my classmate, was always a neat, often quiet, efficient person. She married another classmate, Azel Young, and they were a loving couple ever since. He will be lost without her, and people fortunate enough to have known her well will find an empty space in their lives.
Chink Parker was a man we enjoyed right up to the end. Witty, bubbling with friendship, totally devoted to his true love, Marion. His life had been turned over with the advent of Alzheimer’s disease. His ever-ready smile will be part of what we will remember. His bon voyage to his hometown and many friends will be at 11 AM on December 20 at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church. God bless you, Chink.
Falmouth Homeless Prevention Fund will benefit from the 13th Annual Afternoon of Music, from 12:30 to 6 PM tomorrow at Liam Maguire’s Irish Pub on Main Street in Falmouth. Featured will be Liam himself, the Falmouth Fiddlers, Blu Kat, Forest Beach Ceili, Dias and Dias (formerly Dias and Dougherty), Stanley and Grimm, Sonnay, Cape Tradition, and Three Cats and a Dog. A silent auction and raffle prizes will also be on the program. The money raised will be used as a safety net for hardworking residents who need help in a bad economic time. The fund is administered by the Falmouth Housing Authority. Have fun and support a most worthy cause.
We’ve known Nate Dondis since his arrival at our gates—seen him become a part of our community and a person to like. One thing for sure, the man has never stopped working or giving. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, he was at his usual spot at a gift shop in Harwich, when he noticed some activity in and out of the store. Men in dark suits, cars sleek and black with the stamp of celebrity and he became curious. Slowly the mystery unfolded. The VIP was our vice president-elect, Joe Biden, an affable person as it turned out, and he took the time for some conversation and Nate seized the opportunity to secure autographs for his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchild. A treasure for a memory book.
Birthdays celebrated recently were by a character of yore, Ed Wysocki ...part of Main Street fun in the past, James Perry ...Patricia Feeney, woman of varied interests ...pretty Patty Leidal ...Allison Laughead, just launching her 30s ...lab tech, Nancy Joseph ...thoughtful and generous, Anita Gunning ...have known Bud Tietje since his arrival here ...The West Coast holdout, Steve Galasso ...his brother, Michael, a returnee ...Mr. Silver Lounge, the likable giver, Bill Weaner ...the attractive Jeanne Kinchla of the successful Tavares fellows, Brian cute and vivacious, Marcy Pacheco in the fire department, Walter Bennett ...the most unchanged in her class at a reunion, Catherine Fackos ...Duffany of the Week, Joseph ...the amazing Judy Allen, whose good deeds never end ...Charlotte Lebherz with her delicate blonde looks.
Also ...the spirited attorney Jack Connolly ...Jeanne Durant with her friendly way ...a woman I never see, Margaret Doyle of the brightest, Bob Peterson ...part of Cape Cod Healthcare when I met her, Maggie Langdon ...great personality, Marty Jeglinski ...the extra fine-looking Rick Kinchla ...friendly Doris Dalton ...a fun gal, Marilyn Empey ...hard-working and still smiling, Mary Romiza ...quite the all-around guy, Frankie Nunes pushing the 20-plus age button, Fred Hazelton III ...nursing gal, Lori Spurling ...just a sweet and thoroughly nice lady, Nadja Pendleton ...usually see Dick Welch once a year to say hi ...Eleanor Osborne makes the most of life ...Kris Cabral looks like both her parents ...Phyllis Laking Hunt is one of the best in PR people ...Paula Tavares was into insurance last I knew.
Also, the Country Fare popular owner, Joe Maccini ...always so well-dressed, Phyllis Dodson ...the saintliest woman I know, Mary Bishop ...Claire Sullivan wore many hats ...lots of get up and go has Aurora Peterson ...great hostess, Leigh Campion ...lady of the smooth complexion, Helen Britton ...what a lovely bride, Kim Worcester ...veterinarian Frank Alfano ...saw her weekly in time past, Martha Cushing ...Steve Baker, number-one husband, father, grandfather, and nephew ...treat time is seeing Jim Kalperis ...pharmacist Frank Bagarella ...pretty all of her days, Marilyn Weidman ...wears a twinkle in his eye, Tom Stackhouse ...his jokes were often groaners, Leo Kogut ...a gentleman and friend at all times, Don Graham ...I have a great deal of fondness for Bob Lacey nice to hear from Ruth Fye in the Ma Bell days, Pat Sethares ...carrying on the family name, Roger Blake III ...last birthday in his single digits, David Coakley of the likable Lynch family, Paul ...the artistic Terri Hare ...the dog caregiver, Nancy Boston of the folks I’ve met along the way, Liz McGonagle ...handsome grandfather, Ken Reed ...Louise Waryas of the AARP ...good-looking senior, Bob Illgen ...chef in these parts, Glenn Corriveau ...not only multi-talented but so great on so many levels, Kathy Hall ...Ken Swartz, town devotee ...Cathy McDonald, people pleaser ...the professional who shines brightly on the dance floor, Lenny Dress ...Beth Eddy, who sings like a charm ...and Susie Rose, one of the super gals in Dr. Fitch’s office.
Just heard that another of our residents hit the 100 mark, Albina Sacchetti. Congratulations many times over!
And loads of Happy Anniversary wishes to my friends Lu and Frank Ianetti.