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Community Fund: Offering ‘William’ A Lifeline As He And Son Struggle On

Posted in: Falmouth News, Front Page Stories
Dec 5, 2008 - 12:50:20 PM
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FALMOUTH- “I don’t want to bleed the system, but I have hit some rough times. Sometimes it is overwhelming,” William said, tears welling in his eyes.
As a single parent, William (not his real name) has had his hands full. Not only has he had heart and stomach problems that have required seven surgeries, but several years ago his son, at age 11, needed emergency surgery and spent three months in Boston hospitals. He is now in special needs classes at Falmouth High school.
“I love Falmouth, and FHS has been wonderful for my son. And I can’t say enough good things about the Falmouth Service Center.”
William is unable to work and he receives disability checks for himself and his son that total $1,500 a month. They are living in an affordable housing unit that costs $434 monthly, but there are food, phone, insurance, medical co-payments and other bills to be paid.
He and his son come to the service center for groceries, and recently the center paid for a $400 car repair bill. Occasionally he asks for help with other bills.
“If I can ever re-pay these people in any way, I will,” William declared.
To people like William and his son, the Falmouth Service Center has distributed 22,924 bags of groceries to date this calendar year, as well as providing help with fuel and food stamp applications, clothing and household goods, workshops on budget management and nutrition, and referrals and information on other services.
Not surprisingly in these stressful economic times, the total number of clients in 2008 has increased nearly 40 percent since 2007 to 5,104. The number of families asking for aid is up by 39 percent, while the number of individuals has increased nearly 80 percent.
The Enterprise Community Fund has raised money for the Falmouth Service Center during the holiday season since 1994. That year, $10,416 was raised. Last year more than $105,000 was donated to the fund. This year, the goal is $110,000. If that goal is met, the EOS Foundation will contribute an additional $20,000. The Boston-based private foundation supports nonprofit organizations, public policies, and systemic solutions aimed at nourishing children’s bodies and nurturing their minds.
Brenda Swain, director of the Falmouth Service Center, calls the Enterprise Community Fund “the single most important resource with which we meet the growing issues facing our neighbors. The money raised helps to provide food and warmth, the most basic of human needs.”

Donations, made payable to the Enterprise Community Fund, go directly to the Service Center and are tax deductible under the service center’s nonprofit tax exemption. Contributions may be dropped off at the newspaper office or mailed to the Enterprise, 50 Depot Avenue, Falmouth, MA 02540.

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